Lords' Alliance

Everyone wants to sleep at night and feel safe in their homes, but how many want to do what it takes to keep the tide of evil at bay? To stand in the cold and rain, waiting for battle while hunger gnaws at their bellies? Many wish to reap the rewards of a good harvest, but few care to remove the stones and till the fields for planting.

The Lords’ Alliance fights the things that the shopkeeper in his bed has never even heard of. We remove threats before the town mayor even knows about it. We make bad things go away. That’s what we’re good at.

The Lords’ Alliance is an association of rulers from cities and towns across Faerûn (primarily in the North), who believe that solidarity is needed to keep evil at bay. The rulers of Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Neverwinter, and other free cities dominate the coalition, and all lords in the Alliance work primarily for the fate and fortune of their individual settlements.

Alliance agents include sophisticated bards, zealous paladins, talented mages, and grizzled warriors. They are chosen primarily for their loyalty and are experts in observation, stealth, innuendo, and combat. Backed by the wealthy and the privileged, they carry fine equipment (often disguised to appear common), including large numbers of scrolls scribed with spells of communication.

Agents of the Lords’ Alliance ensure the safety and prosperity of civilized Faerûn by standing united against the forces that threaten civilization. They proactively eliminate such threats by any means, fighting with pride for the glory and security of their people, and for the lords who rule over them. However, Alliance operatives are often glory hounds, looking to gain a leg up on their counterparts from other Alliance cities. The leaders of the Alliance know that the order will survive only if its members support each other, requiring a balance between pride and diplomacy. Rogue agents within the Lords’ Alliance are rare, but defections have been known to occur.


• Ensure the safety and prosperity of cities and other settlements of Faerûn.
• Maintain a strong coalition against the forces of disorder.
• Proactively eliminate threats to the established powers.
• Bring honor and glory to one’s leaders and one’s homeland.


• If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the dark forces that threaten it.
• Fight for your realm. Only you can bring honor, glory, and prosperity to your lord and homeland.
• Don’t wait for the enemy to come to you. The best defense is a strong offense.

Member Traits

In order to seek out and destroy threats to their homelands, agents of the Lords’ Alliance must be highly trained at what they do. Few can match their skills in the field. They fight for the glory and the security of their people and for the lords who rule over them, and they do so with pride. However, the Lords’ Alliance can only survive if its members “play nice” with one another, which requires a certain measure of diplomacy. Rogue agents within the Lords’ Alliance are rare, but defections have been known to occur.


• Cloak (rank 1)
• Redknife (rank 2)
• Stingblade (rank 3)
• Warduke (rank 4)
• Lioncrown (rank 5)

Lords' Alliance

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